Day: May 5, 2022



Immersion Assembly: Recount


WALT: write a detailed recount


When people read this recount they should feel interested and excited.

Plan of my paragraph topics: Use the right side to add in your planning

1. Introduction

3 sentences

Orientates and hooks

Makes the reader want to keep reading

HI my name is AnneMarie and I am a student in room 10 and I am 9 years old at pt england school I have a lots of friends and 1 teacher and her name is miss parrant she is kind and helpful to other people in our class
2. Body Paragraph 1

3-4 sentences

What is the school theme about?

What are the other teams doing?

This term some of the school are going to be learning about compass,coding,Direction

Team 1. Bees and Directions.

Team 2 compass.

Team 3 coding

3. Body Paragraph 2

3-4 sentences

What is Team Four’s topic about?

What was the team 4 movie like?

This term team 4 is going to learn about coding,robots,QR code. The team four movie was about QR code. I was showing them the Directions on the ipad.
4. Body Paragraph 3

3-4 sentences

What do you want to/ hope to learn about?

I want to do is coding because doing coding is very good for you to learn and create things about you know about in the world

5. Conclusion

2-3 sentences

What I think about the new term theme overall

Learning about coding and direction will be fun because we get to learn about coding and other things. And also we get to learn about the robots too because we get to used them in class. 


Start Writing here

HI my name is AnneMarie and I am a student at pt england school and this term half of the school is going to be learning about coding,compass,QR code.

Team 1 is going to be learning about bees and direction.

Team 2 is going to be learning about compasses

Team 3 is going to be learning about coding.

Team 5 is going to be learning about robots.

Team 4 (My Team ). We are going to be learning about robots,QR code and other things around the school.. Our teachers are going to be teaching us because we need to learn first before we play wth the robots. 

The Story About Star Wars

Today I had a dream in my sleep about star wars fight with a guy I do not know. First he puts his hand in his pocket to get his fighting stick out of his pocket then he hit with the stick and I ask him do you want a fight and he said yes I want to fight you. And then I put my hand into my pocket because I wanted to get my stick out to fight him but he had a powers to stop me from fighting him but I had powers to so I stop him to with my powers because he stop me with his powers. Then when he let me go we started to fight in space But I keep hitting him to hard that I won and he said something I had to say to someone I think I know and it was my mum and Dad. so h got up from the ground to keep fighting me but I had to beat him up because he said something about my mum and and Dad. He said they were fat and I was like this to him don’t you ever talk about my mum and Dad before I will come up to you and say the same thing to you. And then he said I am so sorry for what I said about your mum and Dad. Then I said it was okay but don’t you ever say that ever again because the next day I will beat you up. Then I was awake from my mum and Dad they said you were late for school but they said it was okay for me. the I told my mum and Dad  what happened in my Dream and they said oh no I hop he these not come back into your Dream.