The Story About Star Wars

Today I had a dream in my sleep about star wars fight with a guy I do not know. First he puts his hand in his pocket to get his fighting stick out of his pocket then he hit with the stick and I ask him do you want a fight and he said yes I want to fight you. And then I put my hand into my pocket because I wanted to get my stick out to fight him but he had a powers to stop me from fighting him but I had powers to so I stop him to with my powers because he stop me with his powers. Then when he let me go we started to fight in space But I keep hitting him to hard that I won and he said something I had to say to someone I think I know and it was my mum and Dad. so h got up from the ground to keep fighting me but I had to beat him up because he said something about my mum and and Dad. He said they were fat and I was like this to him don’t you ever talk about my mum and Dad before I will come up to you and say the same thing to you. And then he said I am so sorry for what I said about your mum and Dad. Then I said it was okay but don’t you ever say that ever again because the next day I will beat you up. Then I was awake from my mum and Dad they said you were late for school but they said it was okay for me. the I told my mum and Dad  what happened in my Dream and they said oh no I hop he these not come back into your Dream.




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