My time in the water.

Today I was going on a trip with my family to New York because my Dad had work there in the city. When we got there we had to go to a hotel so we could go and sleep for the next Day, The next weekend we went to the beach because my Dad took a break from work today. Then we went to eat at a fancy Dinner because we were hungry at the beach. Then we went back home to go and sleep for the next Day for my birthday. The next Day was my birthday. I turned 10 years old when I was 9 years old. For my birthday we went to the swimming pools and the beach because my Dad did not like the swimming pools so we went to the beach instead of the swimming pools. Then we went to go and eat at a fancy dinner because It was the end of the day of my birthday. Then the next Day was Monday. My Dad had to go to work at 5:30 in the morning because he could not be late for work with his boss. Then he came home at 7:00. He came to come and eat and sleep because he was so tired from work. Then he went to sleep because he wanted to wake up at 4:30 in the morning because he did not want to wake up so late in the morning. Then it was the next Day. We had to pack our things because we were leaving the hotel because I started school the next day but we went on a plane back to New Zealand for school but it was fun there in New York. Then when we landed we got off the plane and waited for my nana to come and pick us up.

Getting to school Writing.

Today I was getting ready for  school, we were going on a boat because we had no cars and no bike. Me and 3 brothers were going to school with me too, it was fun riding the boat to school because the kids in my school were being kind in my school. But my older brother hated it because when he came in the boat come kids were being mean to him when he came in a boat to school when he was little but he did not care about. The next day was fun because we got to play outside everyday but we had to do some work because we had to do our work so we can get lots of fun today. Then it was the weekend, we were going to ride out boat on the lake because we wanted to go and get some fish from the lake because we were hungry in the morning.



Today I was flying in the sky because I had to go and help the people Because They were sick in the town. When I was flying in the sky I saw a sick man laying on the ground saying help but no one will help so  went down there to help him with my powers. Then when I help the man I saw a other man on the ground, I walked they to help him because no one will help him so when I went they people started to come and help but I said how come you guys never saw him laying on the ground asking for help but one of the man said that we did not want to help the because he might be OK but I just both of them to the hospital because they got sick. But I went to go and see them because I wanted to see them awake so they can say thank you to me for helping them from the sickens.