Today I had a football game with the boys tonight at 7:00. We had to get ready fast for the game because we wanted not to get late for the game. We were going to play with the rhino because we asked some of the boys to play but they said no we don’t want to play with you. when the game started we had to go five by five because there was a lot of us playing the game. They were a lot of people siting down and watching us play. Then My Friends came to watch me play because I did not want them to miss the game because last week they miss my game. But it was fun seeing my friends watching me me from the top. Then they came down to me because they wanted to hug me tight that can not have some air when they were hugging me. But after hugging me we had to go and thank you to the people that help us win the game they were the one that made us win the foot game and help us do every thing they said so we can win

Questions about kenya

Kenya – Questions



Highlight the correct answer for each question.




1) Where is Kenya located?

  1. a) East Africa b) South Africa
  2. c) West Africa d) North Africa


2) Which of these is not listed at the Big Five animals?

  1. a) Elephant b) Buffalo
  2. c)  Lion d) Cheetah


3) What is the capital city of Kenya?

  1. a) Mombasa b) Nakuru
  2. c) Nairobi d) Kisumu


4) What are the archeological ruins called in Kenya?

  1. a) Gede Ruins b) Green Ruins
  2. c) Guarded Ruins d) Gate of Ruins


5) Which country does not border Kenya

  1. a) Tanzania b) Ethiopia
  2. c) Egypt d) Uganda


6) What is the population of Kenya?

  1. a) 45,000,000 b) 45,234,678
  2. c) 45,010,056 d) 45,012,059


7) “Kenya is quite well known for its savannah due to this being shown on movies and tv shows”

  1. a) True b) False


8) What are the two official languages of Kenya?

  1. a) English and Afrikaans b) English and Swahili
  2. c) Swahili and Afrikaans d) English and French


9) What else have you learned about Kenya?

→ I haved learn about that how population kenya is in africa.


Things About China.

China – Questions



Highlight the correct answer for each question.




1) Where is China located?

  1. a) Eastern Asia b) Eastern Africa
  2. c) Eastern South America d) Eastern Europe


2) What is the official name of China?

  1. a) The Kingdom of China b) The Republic of China
  2. c)  The People’s China d) The People’s Republic of China


3) What is the capital city of China?

  1. a) Taiwan b) Beijing
  2. c) Hong Kong d) Xiamen


4) What two things does China have?

  1. a) World’s tallest mountain range & longest river b) World’s tallest mountain range and Asia’s longest river
  2. c) Asia’s tallest mountain and longest river d) Asia’s tallest mountain range and world’s longest river


5) What fraction of China’s population live in cities?

  1. a) 1/4 (quarter) b) 1/2 (half)
  2. c) 1/5 (fifth) d) 1/3 (third)


6) Which of these is NOT a Chinese invention?

  1. a) Swords b) Gunpowder
  2. c) Paper d) Silk


7) Give me 3 examples of things the Chinese used to create art.


  1. a) b) c)


8) Which Chinese animal is endangered? 

  1. How many are left in the wild?


9) Explain why you think it is important to look after, and protect endangered animals like the Giant Panda.

In China so many people are helping save all of the panda’s because sometimes they can be lost anywhere in the city or on the streets.