Vocab Pyramids.

Task description: This week in room 5 literacy we are learning about  vocab pyramids , For our vocab  we had to find a word write the definition about that word , make a sentence with the word and a Synonyms word. The meaning of vocab pyramids is the body of words used in a particular language.

About Me.

Malo e lelei n Kia orana, My name is AnneMarie, I am 11 years old turning 12. My home class teacher is Mr Moran in room 1. I am a year 7 student at Ptenglnd school. My culture is tongan and cook island. I have three siblings John,Frank and dion. What I like to do is to hang out with my friends and family. My favourite food is kfc n egg sandwich. My favourite subject in school is maths and writing. My favourite sport to play is netball. My favourite team from the nrl is the penrith panthers. My favourite colour is blue because my house colour is blue. My most favourite teacher is miss tuia. 

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Immersion Assembly

Malo e lelei n Kia orana. Welcome to my blog post for this term. This Term I will be going to tell you about what we did at immersion assembly today. Ptengland teachers came up with our new theme for this term and this term’s new theme is Transformers and that is all about drama,acting,Emotions and lots more. 


This term team 3 has come up with a performance they have done for immersion assembly. Team 3 did acting about Matilda the musical and they did the role play of Bruce Bogtrotter eating a massive cake in front of everyone. Bruce had to eat the cake because he went into Miss Moala Snacks and stole one of her favourite cake, and that was chocolate cake. One of the cooks brought in a big cake for him to eat but he denied it and said he was a bit full from eating that cake because he said it was yum through. But Miss moala said he had to finish every piece of it and he ate it and everyone started to cheer for him so he could get the energy to finish the cake. He finished and everyone was happy he finished the cake.

The End.

My Master Whakapapa.

Malo e lelei n Kia orana n welcome to everyone. This term we were given a task to do and that task was our pepeha. I have finished my pepeha and I will be going to show you a video of me speaking my culture and more. In my pepeha I have photos of my culture, family and lots more. This will be going to go on my report card and I hope that I will get a good mark for me to go along to college.

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My DLO Term 1 2024.

Malo e lelei n Kia orana, To everyone. This week I have finished my DlO I have created, which is on Google Slide. This is way easier than doing it on Photopea. I have created a DLO about how my parents met, how my family came to NZ, and much more. I also hope this will be enough for me to get a mark for when I go to college because this will be going on to my record when I go to college.


My DlO will show my family members where they were born and how they came to NZ, their birth year, and more. I only had two pictures of a family of me and my other siblings, my aunty, and cousins and I also had a photo of my dad because my dad wasn’t in the photo so I had to look for a picture of him. I hope you enjoy this video of my DLO of how my parents met and how they came to NZ.

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