My DLO Term 1 2024.

Malo e lelei n Kia orana, To everyone. This week I have finished my DlO I have created, which is on Google Slide. This is way easier than doing it on Photopea. I have created a DLO about how my parents met, how my family came to NZ, and much more. I also hope this will be enough for me to get a mark for when I go to college because this will be going on to my record when I go to college.


My DlO will show my family members where they were born and how they came to NZ, their birth year, and more. I only had two pictures of a family of me and my other siblings, my aunty, and cousins and I also had a photo of my dad because my dad wasn’t in the photo so I had to look for a picture of him. I hope you enjoy this video of my DLO of how my parents met and how they came to NZ.

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