Recount about Rotoroa lsland.

On Tuesday the 25th we had a pre-visit from the people who came from Rotoroa Island. First we got into 6 groups. We went to go and lined up outside to go to the hall so see what we were going to do there with the people you came from Rotoroa Island. When we were there we went into the hall and sat down on a chair with our 6 groups. First we learned about bag searching. They told us to go to a table so that they could give us a big bag so we could search in it. Then they told us to stop and go and sit down on the chairs to do more activities with them. The next thing we did was that they put us in 2 groups to go and do some activities with the people we were with. First my group went to read the book on the ground. Then we went to go and look at the Rotorua Island book that we made with miss west. Then we went to the mouse trap cage to talk about how to trap a mouse, then she showed us mouse poop. Then it was time for morning tea. We went and ate and we played until the bell rang for us to go to the hall because they told us at the hall when the bell rang go to the hall. In the hall we went and sat on the same chairs we sat on in the morning. They gave us a card because we were going to play a game. They will give us a card with a bird on it and they will say stuff that the bird does and if the thing that the bird does we keep standing up and if they don’t do the thing that the bird does we have to sit down. Then after we went to go and sit on the ground in the middle because we were doing planting. The lany called the first group to go up on a table to show us what to do and plant it right so we don’t get it wrong. Then they told us to go and sit with your group somewhere and wait for them to give the planting cup. We took turns planting them so everyone could have a turn in our groups. Then it was time for lunch. We took our plants to class and water them so that they can grow. When the bell rang we went and played until the bell rang. We went to the hall and learned more about Rotorua Island. We were all tired because my friends were going to sleep but had to stay up to know what to do when we went to Rotorua Island in week 5 or 6.

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