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Response to Text: Treaty of Waitangi

The Treaty of Waitangi 


Answer the questions by highlighting the answers.


  1. Who was the Treaty of Waitangi signed between?


  1. a) Māori and Burmese b) British and Malaysian
  2. c) Māori and British d) British and Burmese


  1. What is the treaty named after?


  1. a) The place where everyone lived b) The place where the treaty was signed first
  2. c) It was beautiful land d) Just chose any Māori word


  1. Which of the following was NOT one of the principles of the treaty?


  1. a) Protection b) Partnership
  2. c) Participation d) Playfulness


  1. In terms of the treaty, what do you think the ‘partnership’ principle was about?



  1. What was the date that the Treaty of Waitangi was signed?


  1. a) February 6th 1840 b) February 7th 1840
  2. c) February 6th 1940 d) February 7th 1940


  1. Who was the first Māori chief to sign Te Tiriti o Waitangi?


  1. a) Hone Keke b) Hone Heke
  2. c) Kone Heke d) Kone Keke


  1. Who was the first British representative to sign The Treaty of Waitangi?


  1. a) Captain William Robert b) Captain Billy William
  2. c) Captain William Hobson d) Captain Hobson Williamson


  1. What are the names of the two different versions of treaties?


→ Maori and english.

Brining Back the Birdsong

WALT:  work out the meaning of unknown words by using clues in the text.
Task description: This week we were learning about pests and predators for reading. The article we read was about bringing back the birdsong to a national park in Fiordland. We were focusing on using clues from the text to help us understand new words we came across. For our follow up task we had to find words from the story for every letter of the alphabet as well as finding out the dictionary definition for some of the works. Check out my task above. Please feel free to leave me a positive comment on my blog!

Let’s Vote on It!


Task description: We are learning to find and summarise information by identifying keywords and main ideas. We read a play called Let’s vote on it! For our task we had to complete this story map that shows the key characters, setting and the plot of the story. Here is what I learnt from the play.

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