Month: February 2023

All About Me Writing Template

All About Me Writing Template


You have come into a new class and you have a new teacher. I want to get to know you a bit more. Use this writing template to share some things about yourself.


What is your name? What are your interests? What are your strengths?

Think about these things and write them down.



Basic details (name, class, teacher) Name, AnneMarie, Class, Room 6, Teacher, Miss Tuia.
Family and culture (siblings, culture) I am tonga, cookland. I have three brothers.
Interests (sports, hobbies, food, movie, etc) Some of the sports that I love to play are netball,rugby,and cricket. My hobby is singing. My favourite food is kfc and my favourite movie is Karate kid.
Strengths (what am I good at) I am good at writing, sports, and dancing.
Goals (what am I hoping to achieve this year?) When I am a year 8 my goal is to become a perfect.


With the ideas that you have brainstormed, write them into sentences.


Start your writing here  

→ Hi my name is AnneMarie and I am a year 6. I am in room 6 and my teacher is Miss Tuia. My culture is tonga and cookland, I have 3 brothers. Some of the things I do are sports and the sports I play are netball,rugby and cricket. My favourite hobby is singing. My favourite food is kfc and my favourite movie is karate kid. The things I am good at are writing,sports and dancing. My goals are when I am a year 8 I want to become a perfect.

Response to Text: Treaty of Waitangi

The Treaty of Waitangi 


Answer the questions by highlighting the answers.


  1. Who was the Treaty of Waitangi signed between?


  1. a) Māori and Burmese b) British and Malaysian
  2. c) Māori and British d) British and Burmese


  1. What is the treaty named after?


  1. a) The place where everyone lived b) The place where the treaty was signed first
  2. c) It was beautiful land d) Just chose any Māori word


  1. Which of the following was NOT one of the principles of the treaty?


  1. a) Protection b) Partnership
  2. c) Participation d) Playfulness


  1. In terms of the treaty, what do you think the ‘partnership’ principle was about?



  1. What was the date that the Treaty of Waitangi was signed?


  1. a) February 6th 1840 b) February 7th 1840
  2. c) February 6th 1940 d) February 7th 1940


  1. Who was the first Māori chief to sign Te Tiriti o Waitangi?


  1. a) Hone Keke b) Hone Heke
  2. c) Kone Heke d) Kone Keke


  1. Who was the first British representative to sign The Treaty of Waitangi?


  1. a) Captain William Robert b) Captain Billy William
  2. c) Captain William Hobson d) Captain Hobson Williamson


  1. What are the names of the two different versions of treaties?


→ Maori and english.